Elder Care / Family Mediation

When responsible parties are unable to effectively reconcile their differences regarding a sick or elderly loved one, elder care dispute mediation is a non-adversarial smooth and effective means to comprehensively coordinate care plans and living arrangements on their behalf. With elder care dispute mediation, the concerned parties meet with Sheryl-Anne Sastow, who serves as an impartial mediator, trained and experienced in coordinating such arrangements. She will pay close attention to the needs, concerns and perspectives of all sides and will give you guidance to come to agreement amicably. This process helps to ensure that all parties involved, including the loved one, are all treated fairly and with respect and dignity.

Elder care mediation is ideal in situations where responsible parties may disagree or find it difficult to constructively engage in difficult conversations regarding the handling of their loved-one’s affairs, living arrangements, or health care, etc.

Examples of common issues that Sheryl-Anne is accustomed to handling during elder mediation:

  • Disagreement between the siblings as to whether mom or dad would be better off remaining in his/her own home. Uprooting dad or mom vs. placing in a nursing home?
  • Perhaps each sibling believes that ulterior motives are playing a key role in the decision making, or perhaps they simply believe their sibling is misguided in their opinion.
  • Who should be the health care proxy? Who should be the representative with the caregivers or physicians?
  • How to divvy up the responsibilities so that not everything falls on the one sibling?

Whatever the case may be, elder care dispute mediation is a unique and invaluable resolution tool that has been proven highly effective in resolving such disputes, with results that all parties can be satisfied with.

Benefits of Elder Care Dispute Mediation:

  • Prevent escalation of emotions
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees
  • Save enormous amounts of time
  • Hire ONE professional, rather than multiple adversarial, litigious and expensive attorneys
  • Avoid the nightmare and headaches of going to trial
  • NO litigation
  • Avoid the tug-of-war, with the loved one caught in the crossfire
  • Avoids further in-family fighting and tumult
  • Mediation fosters collaboration to fairly meet everyone’s needs
  • Learn how to work together in the future

Elder mediation is ideal for:

  • Personal Care and Healthcare Arrangements – coordinating medical treatments; payments for treatment; hiring appropriate aids; division of responsibility between the parties.
  • Decisions on Living Arrangements – decisions over whether the loved one is to remain at home, move in with a child, move to a different city, or be moved to an assisted living facility or nursing home, etc.
  • Coordinating Financials – coordinating and dividing up any necessary financial responsibilities between responsible parties, for the care and wellbeing of the loved one.
  • Trusts & Estates, Wills Issues – planning division and distribution of assets of loved one, resolving family disputes regarding personal property, resolving business disputes, etc.
  • Responsibility Over Decision-Making – power of attorney, legal guardianship, caretaker, etc.
  • End-of-Life Wishes and Decisions – funeral planning, living wills, coordinating and executing advanced directives, etc.
  • Transportation for mom or dad and Safety issues - decisions over loved one’s ability to drive, any medical tests required (e.g. eye-sight examination), how the love one will get around, if they can use public transportation or not, etc.